Hair Care Tips For Summer And Winter

The process for caring hair for different season is different. No two season follows the same hair treatment other than the basic treat like shampooing, conditioning and brushing and this is due to the changes in temperature and difference in humidity level in the atmosphere. So the most exposed part of our body is our hair and skin of our face that is subjected to these changes and requires special attention and care so as to combat the atmospheric changes. Here we are going to discuss on the hair care tips for summer and winter season to keep the natural luster of our hair intact.
Hair Care Tips For Summer-
During the summer hair seems to dry out due to high temperature and harmful sunrays and so to prevent our hair from drying then need to condition our hair. It is important that you apply conditioner after every hair wash or whenever you wet your hair and that will restore the moisture in your hair thus maintaining the same luster and glow in your hair and keeping it healthy. If your hair are colored, then excessive exposure to sunrays on the hair may fade the hair color so you can spray leave-in conditioner with sunscreen to protect your hair from the losing the hair color. You must also look into not toshampoo your hair regularly as it will misbalance the natural oil in your hair that act as natural moisturizers keeping your hair soft. It is important that you avoid using hair blower to dry every day. Let it air dry. Remember to wash your hair with tap water after swimming to remove chlorine and salt contents from your hair. Use those stylish hair accessories that arewithout metal closures, barrettes with smooth edges, etc. to protect your hair from any kind of damage. And remember to tie a scarf on your hair when it is windy to avoid tangles, knots and breakage of your hair.
Hair Care Tips For Winter-
A hair care tip that is to be followed during the winter months is different from that of summer. During this time if you can apply hair pack then you are going to really benefit from it. Strawberry winter pack that is made out of
one cup crushed strawberries, half cup crushed rosemary, and one-tablespoon vinegar.These ingredients are mixed in a bowl and is applied to your hair and is covered with a plastic wrap and then it is left to dry either sitting under the sun or using a blow dry for about 20 minutes and then the hair is washed with a good shampoo and finish it a good conditioner.Even people who color their hair can also use this pack. You can also use ready made hair packs that are readily available in the market. Besides this ensure that your hair is not wet when going out as there are chances that your hair may freeze resulting tobreaking of hair. You need to wear a cap or tie a scarf to avoid the cold wind but ensure that you do not tie the scarf tootight as it may stop circulation in scalp. Always remember to moisturize your hair and wash your hair with cold hair.Minimum use of hot rollers is recommendable. Apply a leave-in moisturizer before applying hot styling equipments.
Hair care treatment if followed throughout the year in a proper way will surely keep your hair healthy,soft and silky andshiny.