How to choose your makeup

As most of us know, choosing make-up is quite a difficult task. How many times have you left a store with a bag full of products that were too expensive and which don't even suit you? But selecting and buying the products is only the one part of the "makeup dilemma", how should I make up? What makeup looks to choose from? How to match the look to my own face look, eyes and hair colors? To the … [Read more...]

Makeup 101 for Glamour Models

This report is for those teens and women who want to look their best in pictures whether preparing for a model photo shoot or just to take some really great portraits or glamour shots. You'll find step by step information about what makeup to use, how to apply makeup, and what not to do when preparing makeup for photo sessions. Enjoy and look your best! The difference between "street" makeup and … [Read more...]

Eye makeup brushes

Along with a foundation brush, eye makeup brushes are the most important tool a professional makeup artist, makeup lover or even makeup newbie can have. The brushes you chose to purchase and how you use and treat them, are essential when it comes to applying any type of eye shadow or eye product that you want to be symmetrical, well blended and spectacular; in other words absolutely … [Read more...]

Simple Ways on How to Ensure Long-Lasting Makeup

When you have gotten over playing with Barbie Dolls and eating tootsie rolls, the little girl in you will soon shift interests. Everything will be about shoes, dresses, crushes and most of all buying stuff that could make you look more beautiful and more mature. As we grow to become more mature, buying cosmetics becomes an integral part of living. Everyday, you will be slathering lotion to enhance … [Read more...]

The Secret in Making a Work of Art in Cosmetic Application

Putting makeup on is like painting. It involves different strokes to smoothen out the base of the face like a plain canvas. Colors are applied using different strokes to define the lines of your face that needs to be accentuated. You still decide to use what colors to use and blend them together in order to be in harmony with what you will be wearing for the day. The lines of your lips and … [Read more...]