Herbal Baths For Health And Beauty

Herbal baths not only smell good, but also perform the important function of soothing and hydrating the skin, leaving it looking and feeling younger. Not to mention the broad range of health benefits. Some herbs act as diaphoretics, opening up the pores to allow perspiration and waste matter to escape; others act as astringents, tightening poor old tired pores. Herbs are used in baths to help … [Read more...]

Benefits of showers over baths

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, you may find yourself spending time considering the fixtures and fittings you will require. Nearly all bathrooms feature a toilet and washbasin so while these are bound to be on your list of essentials, making the choice between whether to have a shower or bath could be a trickier task. Both have their plus points, but when you consider the benefits … [Read more...]

Aromatherapy Oils To Relax Your Body

How do you feel after the entire day's work? Do you really feel tired as if you need to replenish your energy or do you long to see your bed by the time you got home? Being tired whenever you are busy is just a normal feeling. But, you need to be aware of the things that you need to do so to win back all the energy that is lost. If you like a therapeutic therapy or a cool bath to make you feel … [Read more...]

Natural Bath Products – for a Refreshing Bath Every Day

In the primitive days man probably washed himself only to get rid of the dirt. The business of cleaning up must have followed the ritual of cooling off after a hunt. Back in those days water would have been found in abundance and in pristine conditions. There would have been waterfalls and natural ponds. Mud would have been a good agent to get rid of infections. The use of natural oils and gels … [Read more...]

Bad news? Then RELAX with Bath Salts!

At the moment, we're pretty much surrounded by bad news. We turn on the TV and a news anchor is telling us our stocks have hit an all-time low. Turn the channel, and there is yet another negative political ad. Turn it once more, talking heads are telling us the horrific state of the global economy. You feel it is your duty to listen, to stay informed and be educated as to what's going on. And … [Read more...]